GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #71

1. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus, we wish all the students and Facilitators all the best as we count down to the exam day. With all the hard work and effort put into preparations as a team, there will be success.


2. From GWF. On his birthday month, we were inspired by our very own Tata Nelson Mandela as well as a beautiful poem for and about him written by Open Learning Facilitator Glenrose Mashego. Find the poem under ‘Our Stories’ on the Good Work Foundation website.


3. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. As GWF continues to grow, its staff is being encouraged to grow with it, and this week a new growing and learning activity; the book ‘Reading Circle’ was introduced to help build the confidence and English vocabulary of our staff.


4. From Head of Justicia Digital Learning Campus Linky Nkuna. GWF Consultant Anne van Zyl gets to meet the fast growing GWF team in the Mpumalanga network campuses and visit, for the first time, the Huntington Digital Learning Campus.


5. FromĀ  GWF Group Coordinator Media and Communication Accolade Ubisi. Accolade was assisted by the team at Justicia to get GWF stories and infografics up on the noticeboards. Pop into all the campuses and see our creations!


6. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, we are trying to keep up with the traveling CEO who is currently in meetings and Cape Town for the week.


7. From GWF Group Coordinator Media and Communication Accolade Ubisi. While the Open Learning Students are on school holidays, the team is hard at work with app upgrades and download so that all tablets and computers and ready for ‘wonder-filled’ learning when students reopen.


8. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. All of GWF’s campuses opened its doors to the communities within which they each operate, to help people draft, type and print their CV in honor of the 67 minutes for Madiba.


9. From JDLC. The Justicia community celebrates with their professional CVs on Mandela Day.


10. From GWF. And the last but not least favorite tweet of the week represents the amazing week of team building. Have a look at the photos from the day on this blog.