GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #72

1. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James who has been busy updating the GWF photos on the Media Academy archive.


2. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. Both the students and GWF programme facilitators could not wait for the first day back to school as that also meant back to ‘wonder-filled’ learning’ at GWF’s various digital learnign campuses.


3. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Facilitator Rose Masilela. More celebrations of back to school and ‘wonder-filled’ learning.


4. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. On the first day back to school and Open Learning Academy already had this barn full of students thirsty for fun learning. The education revolution indeed continues.


5. From Justicia Digital Learning Programme Rose Masilela. One of the highlights from this week is having GWF second time volunteer and yoga master Julia Gaffers back for a visit and two weeks of yoga with students and staff of various age groups.


6. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus. First week back to digital learning and one test already written! well done to the Justicia team and students for the progress.


7. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Academy Facilitator Rose Masilela. Rose definitely takes the prize for best twitter that showcased all that happened at the Justicia and Huntington Digital Learning Campus. The little ones pictured here did yoga for the very first time with Julia Gaffers and had the most amazing experience.


8. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. Open Learning happening in the Karoo!


9. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus. How amazing is it that these Bridging Academy Students get to experience yoga, for the first time for all of them at GWF right after their digital classes. This is definitely world class learning and education revolution.


10. From Open Learning Academy + Coordinator Selby Mokoena. The Open Learning+ programme has created some inquisitive young people who now want to have more than just jobs when they grow up, they want to fly jets into space and fly drones and programme robots for a living. Challenging the status quo of so many parts of education!


11. From Head of Facilitator Training and Content Support Crispen Bvumbghe who is thrilled to see the first reading circles session at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus roll out! Here is to a future of bookworms!


Compiled by the Hazview Media Agency.