GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #75

1. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, a skilled learned and now being practiced; Julia Geffers recently trained six GWF staff members to run yoga classes in the different campuses and the Hazyview Campus had their first class without Julia this week and was very successful.


2. From GWF Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena. The learning on the digital could about coding and programming is on the move. GWF’s Open Learning Academy+ learners have been on skpye with kids their age from across the world in America sharing their passion and knowledge about coding and programming.


3. From the campus deep in the karoo, Philipollis Digital Learning Campus. Bergmanshoogte Primary School Learners take a break from digital and enjoy some old fashioned coloring in of pictures.


4. From GWF. One of our favorite blog on the GWF website this month is the compilation of photos that show what our different volunteers from so many different parts of the world do when they visit our most rural digital campuses.


5. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus. The ReadytoWork programme is on a high gear with students becoming more and more independent working online. This student had just received her certificate for a module she had successfully completed.


6. From GWF Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena. If they are not sharing ideas with other kids their age through skype, they are telling robots what to do and what to say as part of their learning modules under Open Learning Academy +. It has been amazing watching this group of young learners progress from being taught how to switch on a tablet a year ago to now when they are using those tablets to programme robots.


7. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Bridging Academy Coordinator Njabulo Mashele. GWF and the Department of Education hosted 260 grade 9 learners from the White Hazy1 district for two days of career exhibition and motivational intervention. This was a fruitful day that left students feeling ready to bring their A game on board to reach their dream jobs.


8. From GWF. A huge congratulations again to the Justicia Digital Learning Campus team and Bridging Academy Students for the hard work invested that paid off with a 100% pass rate for their most recent exam. We look forward to many more impressive results in the future.


9. From GWF. And now from this three month old campus that managed to get an amazing 97% for their first exam, well done. This was all made possible by a dedicated team that did everything they possibly could to get the students ready for the exams and the hard working students who put all their effort in their first exam. This is amazing, keep it up Huntington.


10. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. From our graduates who continue to represent us at the SA College of Tourism, these are amazing results that we know took a lot of studying and practicals. Keep up the spirit and strive even higher.


Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.