GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #76

1. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Facilitator Floyd Mokoena. Floyd facilitates the conservation part of Open Learning which both he and the kids enjoy very much; especially the Kruger National Parks trips!


2. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Coordinator Kind Khoza. Justicia is on final stages of planning and launching Open Learning Academy phase two at the participating schools at Justicia. Open Learning Academy phase two is an extension of the programme that caters for grades five to seven at their schools.


3. From GWF Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena. The OLA+ team has started yet another exciting chapter in the learning journey and honestly my personal favorite chapter; digital story telling. these young champions will learn about the different ways, websites and tools one can use digitally to tell everyday stories. We look forward to hearing all about them.


4. From GWF. This is a must read blog about the TrackTest programme that is part of the Bridging Academy Students’ curriculum, that GWF published and tweeted about yesterday.


5. From Head of Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (Central Campus) Linky Nkuna took these beautiful photos that showoff our Open Learning heroes and champions in the Justicia Digital Learning Campus barn.


6. From Head of Open Learning Academy Zodwa Buthelezi. Mr Khoza, a teacher from one of the participating schools Tfolihlahla Primary School celebrating with his students for winning in a group game competition.


7. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Academy learners researching about “our living legacy”.


8. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus. The Babati Primary School gets Tumelo for digital English and Math lessons for the day under Open Learning Academy.


9. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. It was an amazing Tuesday afternoon of fun and learning together between two primary schools in Hazyview. Summerhill Prep School hosted Ifalethu Primary school for a Coaching for a Conservation session of learning about the rhino and its habitat and need for safekeeping through a game of soccer and songs.


10. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Linky Nkuna. Thank you Singita for your partnership and support in preparation of the launch of Open Learning Academy phase two.


Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.