GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #77

1. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC), this series of photos on this tweet portray our theme for the month of September, #AfricaMagic in the most abstract way possible. Tumelo Ndlovu leading the fun learning happening in the Justicia barn, our most rural digital learning campus!


2. From the Central Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC), we were fortunate to have Professor Kobus Maree come and assess our Bridging Academy Students and track how their career planning is coming along since his last visit earlier this year.


3. From HDLC, As our new Head of Central Campus at Hazyview, Linky Nkuna was introduced to the Bridging Academy Students, she took the opportunity to set some new ground rules including a refresher dress code and behavior orientation.


4. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus, if it is not fun, it is not part of Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) learning programmes! Well done to Rhandzu for embracing the fun learning offered in the Open Learning Academy Programme across allĀ  GWF’s digital learning campuses. We look forward to following your career future.


5. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. It is the most amazing feeling to walk into a place unknowing that a former student, now a working professional will greet and assist you. The best part of this is knowing that her career is a result of the skills and year of bridging offered at GWF’s campuses that leapfrogged Nelisiwe into a position she could start paving a career which she has done a wonderful job in. Congratulations to you Nelisiwe.


6. From GWF’s Head of Staff Development and Support and ‘Gogo’ (Elder) Mo Groch. Gogo is always thrilled when she successfully sends a tweet out! This week’s successful tweet was showcasing the amazing magic transpiring in the Open Learning+ (OLA+) session hosted by the OLA+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena.


7. From Huntington Head of Campus Jane Mandlazi. This Huntington barn has been packed to its full capacity weekly since the campus was launched in June. We look forward to the end of year tests that will show the impact the programme has had on the Hundzukani Primary School children and other participating schools.


8. From GWF Media and Communication Group Coordinator Accolade Ubisi. This week the Babati Primary School Grade 5s were overjoyed to see the familiar faces of the JDLC team rolling a trolly of what they could already guess were tablets, into their new and beautiful math and English centeres in their own school grounds. JDLC has officially launched Open Learning Academy Phase 2 at Babati. Thank you Singita for the collaboration to inspire young South Africa through learning that is fun and interactive.


9. From JDLC, you will have seen that in this week’s compilation we have had tweets showing all three of our Mpumalanga heads of campuses in action; each doing something different to the other. That is the type of team we have at GWF. Flexible and multi-talented.


10. From Head of HDLC Linky Nkuna. Linky has sent out her first tweet as the new head of the central campus showing the world the #AfricaMagic through the Open Learning programme. We look forward to many wonderful tweets from this space!


Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.