GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #78

1. From the Justicia Digital Learning Campus, loving the energy from both facilitators and participants of Open Learning. You know learning is fun when you can still dance after having more than an hour of it!


2. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. Our education revolution is under scrutiny. GWF’s two core programmes are being assessed and ideas brought forward for the future. Time to carry what worked and leave behind what didn’t after learning from it.


3. From Huntington Digital Learning Campus Bridging Academy Facilitator Memory Mokoena who takes time to send tweets giving us an update of what her 2017 BA students are busy with in class.


4. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. We are already trying to imagine what the future of learning is going to look like for these Open Learning kids who are already doing International Computer Driving License (ICDL) now as part of their Open Learning programme.


5.From JDLC Open Learning Coordinator Kind Khoza. Ye, same energy, same facilitators, same Open Learning programme and a different group of learners.


6. From HuntDLC Head of Campus Jane Mandlazi. This week our students had an amazing young woman for motivational intervention. Thami went around the three Mpumalanga campuses talking motivation and inspiration to the young woman and men. She also emphasized on the importance of hard work.


7. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus. The Bridging Academy students have moved onto the next Absa ReadyToWork module that talks about careful spending of money.


8. From HDLC Open Learning Facilitator Arnold. Every teacher bursts with joy when they see that their students remember what they have taught them, more importantly when they see that their students remember and enjoy the lessons and now become teachers to others. GWF volunteer Julia Gaffers gave a few yoga classes to GWF facilitators who would after she had returned home carry on with the classes. Promise fulfilled!


9. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. Three Edtech women with two amazing women who collaborate to improve education in rural communities around the Sabie Sands. Thank you Singita for the welcomed visit.


10. From HDLC Open Learning Coordinator Zodwa Buthelezi. Look carefully at the three photos on this tweet. There is yoga happening, there are kids paining and drawing, and there are other kids who are digitally learning! Where else would something this extraordinary happen? Only under GWF’s Open Learning Academy programme.


 Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.