GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #81

1. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC). The team had a fun day of filming and story telling under the marula trees, while the Open Learning Academy Students went about their normal day of wonder-filled learning on math and English on digital tools.


2. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. One of the scene captured by Ryan James as Londolozi Game Reserve helps us prepare our #AllHeart stories for the Sarasota fund raising event in November 2017.


3. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. Ryan watches as the Justicia team escorts one of our two most important clients in to the campus for digital and fun learning. GWF has definitely nailed it on finding suitable and passionate facilitators to run both our core programms; the Open Learning Academy and Bridging Academy Programmes.


4. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James again! A Beautiful photo of the Justicia team in their beautiful pink tree t-shirts that are are worn on a Friday.


5. From Relais and Chateaux Africa. We are thrilled to share this tweet that talks about a very special friend who introduced the beauty of yoga and meditation to the team. Read about Julia Geffers, aka the Yogamaster on our website.


6. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. We have the Open Learning Academy champions ready to explore what fun learning GWF has for them on the apps today. Here is to creating a digitally literate and relevant rural generation.


7. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Academy Facilitator Floyd Mphakane. Remember Julia Geffers, aka the Yogamaster we spoke of on the tweet above? she trained Floyd and five other GWF facilitator so they could carry on running yoga classes for their students and fellow staff members, and here it is!


8. From Huntington Digital Learning Campus (HuntDLC) Intern Bheki Mashaba. The WHO AM I game was first introduced to our staff by GWF friend and ambassador Catriona Duncan through a human resource training session she conducted for the GWF team from all four campuses to use to get to know each other. The team now also uses it to ensure that they know the students they work with under the Open Learning Academy Programme.


9. From HuntDLC Open Learning Academy Coordinator Glenrose Mashigo. With just one month left before the end of the year, the team is revising activities we started the year with to ensure that our graduates leave with refreshed skills and information from their Bridging Year.


10. From JDLC Open Learning Academy Facilitator Ntokozo Sambo. Number two facilitator who was trained by Julia Geffers who is now also running yoga classes for the Open Learning Academy Students at Justicia.


11. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. This team will always amaze you. Arnold Mdluli with an open heart carries one of our Open Learning Academy students into the barn for his lessons every single week because the boy is disabled and cannot walk on his own.


12. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. One of the most exciting news on our lips is Paris’ most recent and first ever trip on a plane to Cape Town. Paris is our hero who will be representing GWF together with our CEO in Sarasota this year at the AllHeart fund raising event. His story is amazing. Have a look at it on our website.


13. From HDLC Open Learning Academy Facilitator Teaman Manzini out to the Kruger National Park for conservation literacy with the Open Learning Academy students.


14. From our ICT Facilitator Naledi Nkosi. We are so proud to see our IT Facilitators interacting on social media and updating us about what their students are doing behind the computers! Wishing them the best of luck as their exam date approaches.


15. From PDLC. Our Open Learning Champions in the Karoo having fun and digital learning!


Compiled by teh Hazyview Media Agency.