GWF’s 2016 Barista Course in Full Swing

Ten students that consist of two males and eight females were selected for the 2016 Barista course that commenced in February 2016 at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC). The ten rural students are enrolled for a three month programme, wherein they will be taught all about coffee making and bar management.

If you have ever tasted Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) Barista Teaman Mazini’s coffee, then you will attest that these students are in capable hands that will have them brewing world class coffee in no time.

“Our goal is that by the end of 2016, GWF will have produced well trained and qualified Baristas that are from our rural community. We want the students to experience the same feeling we do as rural baristas, when we confidently switch the machine on and make a cup of coffee that puts a smile on a guest’s face. We want the community to have access o to new skills training at their doorstep,” said GWF Barista Teaman Manzini.

The course is going to hold theory lessons through Lobster Ink, an online programme that allows learners to listen and watch as professionals demonstrate how a coffee machine is operated and how a bar is managed. They then log in with their created user names and write an online exam which produces results soon after submission.

By the end of the year Hazyview Digital Learning Campus will have produced 30 qualified Baristas from rural Shabalala. Nikiwe Mabanga, Desmond Sithole and Teaman Manzini, the Barista course coordinators are all excited and believe that this is going to be a fun year.

So the next time you visit our Hazyview Campus, be sure to find a Cappuccino or Macchiato prepared by our students.


GWF Barista course facilitators have their first photo with the 2016 students taken under the Digital Tree of Knowledge.


GWF Hospitality Facilitator Desmond Sithole ensured that all the Barista students are registered with Lobser Ink where they will write their online assessments weekly until the completion of their three months training.

first day

GWF Barista course facilitator Teaman Manzini showed the future baristas just how a world class cup of coffee is made. All the guests that have ever been to the Hazyview campus never left without having asked Teaman for a second cup of his addictive ‘poison’ as he refers to the coffee. The students were fascinated by this machine that all of them were seeing for the very first time in their lives, and couldn’t wait to get started working on it.


Written by Mfumo Thobela.