GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #33

1. From the GWF CEO Kate Groch. The tree that resonates  with our GWF Digital tree of knowledge.


2. Gay Sibuyi in Cape Town with the ICDLSA team flying the GWF’s flag high.


3. From GWF Managing Direct Ryan James. A good farewell to GWF ICDL group Gay Sibuyi to Cape Town as she is going there to make the GWF  team proud. Good job to you sister boss and safe travels.


4. As we welcome back our digital CEO/ traveling CEO Kate Groch a HDLC Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu snap this wonderful picture while our CEO and Managing Director Ryan James hug each other.


5. Ryan James and Roosa Hyrske are celebrating the good work that they just did  making GWF infographics.


6. GWF ICDL Group Gay Sibuyi  is in Cape Town, enjoy your stay.



7. Ryan James went to fly the GWF’s flag at the Barclays awards. He shared a beautiful quote that the premier of Johannesburg said.



8. From Ryan James. Media team getting more lessons on graphic design from our GWF volunteer Roosa Hyrske  from Finland. Thank you Roosa for sharing your  knowledge with us.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Intern Mfumo Thobela