Hazyview Digital Learning Centre

We like to call it “The Centre of Education Excellence”.

Opened in August 2012, our model Digital Learning Centre, in the village of Shabalala in Mpumalanga can accommodate 500 learners at one time, has over 60 desktop computers, 100 tablet computers, three digital whiteboards, two computer rooms, two classrooms, a central open learning space, ten full-time teachers and facilitators, and high-speed wireless internet connectivity. The centre was opened by Minister of the National Planning Commission, Trevor Manuel, and is the only sub-Saharan test study for Stanford University’s Stanford Mobile Inquiry-Based Learning Environment.

Hazyview Digital Learning Centre in rural South Africa

At the core of Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) is an Open Learning Academy, providing English literacy, maths literacy, digital literacy and life skills to school-aged learners. HDLC has a formal partnership with two local primary schools, each one sending over 400 students to the Open Learning Academy for digital literacy classes each week. In 2014 another three primary schools will join the programme, extending HDLC’s “digital” reach to 6000 primary school children.


For adult learners, HDLC has an Information-Communication Technology (ICT) Academy as well as a Hospitality Academy. 120 adult learners graduated in September 2013 and in 2014 the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre has over 200 adults enrolled in its Career-Training Academies.

In keeping with the African tradition that a tree is a place to meet and discuss important matters, learners can gather under a digital tree of knowledge, which features power points, a sound system, and a USB connection to a terabyte of learning material.

A group of "digital learners" gathered under the tree

Using technology such as smart screens and iPads, as well as the skills of retired professional teachers and international volunteers, among other resources, the centre aims to offer “digital-era” literacy education and career training to school-aged and adult learners in the community.

The Hazyview Digital Learning Centre operates as the management hub facilitating the creation of satellite digital learning centres in partnership with local schools.


The GWF Team at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre