Hazyview Junction Brings Job Opportunities to GWF’s Graduates

The Hazyview Junction Mall opened at the end of September 2016, and we are thrilled to share with you that a number of Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) Absa-sponsored graduates have found jobs at the shopping mall: jobs that required all the skills GWF’s Bridging Academy programme had already equipped each one of students with. The Hazyview Media Team was out to chat to a number of the graduates at their respective work places to find out what this new development meant for their careers and work experience.


Hazyview Media Team from left to right; Media Intern, Mfumo Thobela, GWF Media Coordinator, Accolade Ubisi and Media Intern, Wiseboy Shabangu at the Hazyview Junction.


Wisani Maphanga (Working at Mr. Price Home): “This is my first job and I am beyond grateful to GWF for giving me access to study for a qualification that allows me to get a job; a job I am fully qualified to do. I am very excited to tell you that my new job has even changed my favourite day of every month to the 27th; who doesn’t like pay day after all.”


Shirley Ngomane (Working at Chicken Licken): “When I was looking for a job I was very confident because I knew that the qualifications I have would lead to a job, not just any job but one that I will do confidently with my set of skills. I am working in the ‘Fly-thru’ section and I like it because I get to communicate with the customers, using my English communication skills to take customer orders.”

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Princess Sambo (working at Checkers): “I have been comfortable and confident throughout my job hunting process, because I knew that the qualification I have is world class and internationally recognised. It feels great to wake up in the morning and know that you have something to do to better your life, so I am happy with the fact that I have a job.”


Trayvin Zitha has also started on the career ladder as a cashier at Checkers. “I feel great to have a job and I am a qualified cashier because of the training and qualification I got at GWF. I am well on my way to building a bright future for myself. Watch out for the next store manager in a few years’ time!”


Winnie Vilakazi: “I started working at Hosanna Church before becoming part of the Bridging Academy programme in 2014. I graduated from the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus in 2015 and applied for an internship with Ackermans the same year. Through my hard work and skills, I was promoted to a permanent position at the beginning of 2016. My wish is to become a manager in the retail industry, because I love working with people and caring for their retail needs. The qualifications I got at GWF are the key to my dream job. I love how all my fellow colleagues including my supervisors often call me to assist them with a computer related task.”

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Danisile Monareng (Working at Rage): “I am experiencing what I have learned at Good Work Foundation through the Hospitality course I studies at HDLC. I am now putting all my theory into practice with my new job as a Sales Assistant. I wasn’t panicking at all while looking for a Job, because I knew that my qualifications are real, and I have learned how to operate a computer. My future plans include a management position.”
Editor’s Note: Food and Beverage; Level 5 includes: customer service, how to deal with unhappy customers and delivering world class customer service.


Nomsa Ubisi (working at Nandos): “Job seeking with authentic qualifications is much easier than having nothing to show. Today I am applying every skill that I have acquired from Good Work Foundation’s Hospitality course in my workplace. Food and Beverage course, International Computer Driving Licence and Front Office certificates are the reason I am working as a cashier today. To all GWF students, I want to tell you this: the opportunity you have for learning at GWF’s campuses is real and very important. You will all collect your dues once you graduate with qualifications that will change your living situation at home for you and your family.

One of the ways that GWF assesses the effect and results of the implementation of our programme is through tracking the progress of our graduates. This is one of the most exciting achievements the team will celebrate this year. We have given access to world class education that resulted in more than 18 of our graduates being placed in a single Hazyview retail centre. Good luck to them all as they start the foundation of their careers.

Written by Hazyview Media Intern: Mfumo Thobela.