Honoring Tata Madiba in Philippolis

Oftentimes we don’t understand the implications of our actions. Only in retrospect do we look back to a specific event and recognise the full weight of its importance.

While the nation celebrates the life of Tata Madiba, 38 incredible high-school volunteers are helping to build a soup kitchen and an adult literacy hall in Philippolis, one of South Africa’s poorest towns.

“One day, you’ll have your child sitting on your knee” I say to the group, “and you’ll be able to say that in the week after Madiba passed from this Earth, in the week of mourning, you were truly honoring the legacy of our nation’s father.

Your actions will help thousands of people to become digitally literate. Your actions will help feed an entire community.

Your actions will lay the foundations for a South Africa in which more individuals have a chance to succeed.

Your actions will ripple into the future.

To each and every student who is mixing cement, stacking bricks, mending fences, cultivating vegetable gardens and laying down floors, well done. Don’t forget this week. Carry the memory of service close to your heart.

With service there is community, and with community there is the promise of Madiba’s great vision.

With love and respect,

Ryan James

Volunteers from five South African high schools and one Kenyan high school are in Philippolis for a week to finish building a soup kitchen, an adult literacy hall, a store room and two vegetable gardens in the township of Bergmanshoogte, just outside of Philippolis. Philippolis lies in one of South Africa’s so-called “poverty pockets”, but by chance, this is where Good Work Foundation’s story started, almost ten years ago. Good Work Foundation, together with Future-Nature and Free State Care in Action, organises community outreach projects in Philippolis several times a year. We thank the students from the following schools for their dedication, spirit and hard work during this week: St. Stithians (Jo’burg), St. Johns (Jo’burg), Bridgehouse (Franschhoek), Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (Jo’burg), Cornwall-Hill (Pretoria) and Brookhouse (Nairobi).