Honouring The Women of South Africa

South Africa celebrates the National Women’s Day annually in August commemorating the brave women who marched in 1956. In one of the largest demonstrations staged in this country’s history, 20 000 women of all races marched to Pretoria’s Union Buildings, on 9 August 1956, to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the prime minister, JG Strijdom.

Since then, this day has been dedicated to celebrating all women who are working tirelessly to contribute in empowering women and girls country wide. This day also celebrates and promotes protecting women and girls and their rights to living in a safe and healthy environment that presents them with opportunities.

This month, Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) partner the Hosanna church hosted an event that celebrated the women living and working to better the Shabalala Village in Mpumalanga. This day also took to the stage, issues that are affecting women, most especially those living in rural areas. Among the many discussed issues was the urgency of promoting women who are victims of abuse to stand up against abuse and stand together as one.

In this celebration, GWF CEO Kate Groch was presented with an award for empowering the youth through access to excellent education. On GWF’s 4 Digital Campuses, 70% of GWF’s students are women and 71%  of its staff are also women; local women who have been educated at GWF and now working for GWF. 90% of GWF’s employees are locally employed and all 90% of them are young women and men who have taken the opportunity to learn and better their chances of employment.

“When there is one person standing to receive an award it is because of a team that stands with them,” said GWF CEO Kate Groch. Thank you Hosanna church for believing in our mission and vision for the young people of South Africa. Thank you for partnering with us on a mission to build a better South Africa, better communities for our women, girls and any person who dares to grab an opportunity that lies before them and create a better ending to their life stories.

Shabalala women celebrating each other.

Shabalala women celebrating each other.

GWF CEO honored for empowering youth.

GWF CEO honored for empowering youth.

Kate's daughter Maya Groch holds up the trophy for woman power!

Kate’s daughter Maya Groch holds up the trophy for woman power!


Written by Hazyview Media Agency.