I am an emotional creature

Busisiwe “Busi” Mkhumbuzi – a member of the V-Girls activist team – recently spent three days at Madlala High School in Justicia, Mpumalanga, coordinating role-play activities, open dialogue sessions, performances and other activities.

“V-Girls” is an ongoing activist movement inspired by V-Day, an organised response against violence towards women. This is a global network of girls empowering themselves and one another to change the world, one girl at a time.

One Madlala High School student, Nelisiwe Mathebula, was inspired by the V-Girls movement to write a poem.

On National Women’s Day we are proud to be able to share this beautiful poem. Thanks for your contribution Nelisiwe.

I am an emotional creature
By Nelisiwe Mathebula

I am an emotional creature,
A philanthropist,
My feelings are of mankind – Ubuntu
Yet my emotions move me to change,
To stand firm as a creature with dreams,
Dreams and empowerment!

My emotions as a creature are never instinct
For they are the philosophy!
I strive as a ‘go getter’ with the V-Girls
I see the future and a change in times of trouble,
My ego never boasts, nor does it fight with my integrity.

I fight and battle a war for V-Girls,
I empower the young and the old,
My emotions are embarking on a journey to morality that says
‘Girls can make it in the real world, not just in their dreams.’

I am an emotional creature!
I am a creature of all!
I empower others!
A philanthropist I am.

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