I have a dream

Judy Guffey from Hawaii inspires students to stand up and get dreamin’.

In a recent workshop at Madlala Digital Learning Centre, and without any prompt, four students “took the floor” and shared with their classmates what they dream of for their futures. They were eloquent, authentic and powerful.

One student dreams of becoming a game ranger. He grew up as a shepherd and says that nature is what speaks to his soul. His advice: “Seek out a career that has already established roots within you.”

Another student feeds ten vulnerable children at her home in the village every day. She is studying computer literacy and English so that she can set aside all excuses and go after her dream of becoming a fully qualified social worker.

Judy is volunteering at Madlala. Only for two days. But her mission while there has been to drive home one of the most important messages that Good Work Foundation’s International Computer Driving License (ICDL) students will hear in the next year: in business, communication is key.

Judy asked the question: “Why do you want to improve your English?” The original answers were too obvious. Most students said: “So that we can speak better English.”

That’s not what this workshop was about. Judy wanted students to connect with the real long-term and strategic reasons that they were studying English.

Ultimately, how does English tie in with a students’ dreams?

Great question. And from there, it’s much easier to get an individual to invest in the details – from speaking clearly to listening actively.

At its core, Judy’s workshop was about managing the “interview” process as part of a job application.

Along the way she inspired students to get dreamin’.