Imagine a Better Future

Let’s imagine a better future together, one step at a time:

  1. In Justicia B, a rural village on the western border of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the More Community Trust recently open a much-needed pre-school, called Jabez Pre-School
  2. Every week, three young women from Justicia, who are the new educators at Jabez, attend Good Work Foundation’s Huntington Digital Learning Campus in the afternoons, studying towards their International Computer Driving Licence so that they can become digital citizens (and educators)
  3. One day, when the children from Jabez Pre-School are old enough, they will attend one of the local primary schools, all three of which are already plugged into one of two Good Work Foundation digital learning campuses in the area (reaching over 1000 children every week)
  4. The teachers at those primary schools will already have taken part in digital teacher-training workshops and, every week, the children will spend part of their learning time in a gamified and digital learning environment. They will even start programming robots
  5. Imagine the impact of this collaborative 21st-century learning environment by the time the Jabez pre-schoolers get to high school

The accepted belief is that a rural child is bound to be “left behind”. 

Imagine a present day where a group of collaborators who believe in a better future aren’t accepting that old story.  


From left to right: Siphiwe (Jabez Pre-School), Jane (Huntington Head of Campus), Tinyiko (Jabez Pre-School) and Sweetness (Jabez Pre-School)