In 2017, How Can You Support GWF’s Vision?

Dear GWF friend,

As a reminder, we believe that our model of education for rural Africa is unique and that, if we can scale it, we will be able to change the lives of thousands of rural people, giving them access to an online world of learning that is not wholly reliant on teachers or classrooms. We are taking several strategic steps in 2017 to move towards a sharing model and we will keep our community up-to-date on that journey.

To see our super simple video explaining this model, click here.

Below you will find five key areas where we are looking for help in 2017. However, there are also non-financial ways to help. Introductions are a powerful way to contribute. If you are connected to an organisation, foundation or business that would be inspired by what we do, your help in getting us heard would be invaluable, especially as we reach out to the world and ask for partners on our journey to scale.

Bear in mind that Americans can contribute via our US entity and qualify for a 501 tax receipt. South Africans should be aware that our programmes can fit into a number of categories on the BBBEE scorecard.

Thanks so much once again. We are always beyond excited to share what we do and grateful for our community of pink and grey believers. If there is anything, please reach out to me directly:

Kind regards,

Ryan James
Head of Development

1. Support rural school leavers on a journey into the digital world

The Bridging Academy is a yearlong course that enables rural school leavers and dropouts to become proficient in skills that are required in a 21st century workspace. The course equips learners with improved digital and English proficiency, and also focuses on media skills, leadership and career-readiness skills. Through our use of digital learning tools, including online video lectures and learning content, in 2016 and 2017 the Bridging Academy course costs less than $700 per student per year, positioning it as one of the highest value programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2017 we are looking for full-bursaries for 240 rural adult learners.

Sponsor 10 students: R95,000.00 or approximately $6,600.00

2. Empower the next generation of IT professionals

Once students have completed their Bridging Academy year, those who are interested can apply to an IT Academy where they receive specialised computer infrastructure training. This is a yearlong course, accredited by CompTIA and includes A+, Network+ and Security+. A proof of concept call center is operational at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus servicing an international IT company and the vision is that graduates of this course have the opportunity to become employed by the call center. In 2017 we are looking for full-bursaries for 30 rural adult learners.

Sponsor 10 students: R150,000.00 or approximately $10,500.00

3. Help us roll out digital classrooms on wheels

The Open Learning Academy provides an edutech learning environment to children from rural schools. The academy operates using “digital classrooms on wheels”. This is a charging trolley with 40 tablets. In 2017, we need two new charging trolleys at Justicia Digital Learning Campus and one at Huntington Digital Learning Campus.

Sponsor a digital classroom on wheels: R72,000.00 or approximately $5,000.00

4. Get behind our teachers on the move

By March 2017 GWF will operate three digital learning campuses and one digital learning center in Mpumalanga province. Our leadership team and facilitators (“teachers on the move”) need to move between those campuses and centers and, at present, are making use of public transport. In 2017 we are looking for a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to improve the delivery of our services in Mpumalanga.

VW Transporter: R450,000.00 or approximately $30,000.00

5. Become an official Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Partner

Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC) is the largest of our campuses and acts as a research and development center. We experiment with programmes that benefit rural communities and then export those programmes to our satellite campuses. HDLC also acts as a head office for all enterprise development, facilitator training, fundraising and media. Our funding model allows for a partnership of three operational partners per campus. In 2017 we are looking for two more operational partners at HDLC.

HDLC operational partner annual cost: R1,5 million or approximately $100,000.00