Incredible! 450 new students at Hazyview

In a recent blog post, Kate Groch spoke about the importance of helping communities to understand the value of digital literacy.

It’s no use having an isolated digital “hub” – the entire community needs to want (demand even) better education that is relevant to the world we live in today.

Based on that premise, we have had a promising two weeks at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) with the highlight being the formation of a new relationship with our local primary school: Tfolinhlanhla.

Headmistress, Principal Sambo, and her staff recently visited HDLC and will be joining the “education revolution.”

All of Tfolinhlanhla’s staff members (that is 40 in total) have enrolled in the International Computer Drivers License programme.

Even more exciting: Tfolinhlanhla grade five to seven learners will be attending extra classes in English literacy and computer literacy at HDLC during normal school hours.

“That’s 450 new students who have access to high-speed, world-class education every week. That’s 450 new individuals that our team can show the value of digital-era literacy education to” says Kate.

The knock-on effect has been exceptional. HDLC has had many new learners signing up for the extra-curricular afternoon programme in the Open Learning Academy – what a pleasure to see so many young people engaged in lessons under the “tree of knowledge” or swiping through the “pages” of an iPad for the first time.

Thank you Principal Sambo – we welcome all of your forward-thinking staff and wonderful students with genuine excitement. On your school’s shield it is written “Education for Better Future” – as a community, let’s make it happen.

Let’s move forward. There’s no looking back!