Incredible Statistics: The Gamification of Education

We recently shared 10 education jargon phrases that you will need for 2015. Gamification was one of them, and is likely to be the force that disrupts education as we know it today, and as we have known it for the last 100 years.

Here are some incredible gamification stats, courtesy of

  • 28 million people harvest crops on FarmVille every day
  • Over five million people play an average of 45 hours a week of games
  • As a planet, we spend three billion hours a week playing video and computer games

Here are some elements of gaming that we might be able to harness for educational purposed:

  • Progression: As students continue to play through levels and rack up points, they can quantify the value of their work.
  • Investment: Students become invested in their work as they earn achievements, receive new challenges, and collaborate with others to work toward meaningful goals.
  • Cascading Information Theory: Continuing to play the game, students discover new information, gain rewards that they then must keep from losing, and synthesize their skills to overcome complex challenges.

To view all of the information presented by Knewton, have a look at this infographic.