Introducing Digital Preschools … Where you Wouldn’t Expect Them

In 2015, Good Work Foundation (GWF) extended the reach of its Open Learning programme to four rural preschools, providing blended learning to 90 toddlers between the ages of three and four-and-a-half years old. Have a look at some of the photos below to see our preschoolers in action!

Blended learning is an approach that integrates classroom-based training with additional e-learning components to address a specific learning requirement. In most cases – in the rural context – e-learning is absent from a child’s school curriculum, from preschool all the way through to the end of high school.

“One of the objectives of each digital learning centre is to infuse learning into an entire community,” says GWF CEO, Kate Groch. “We have four digital learning centres and each one is reaching adults, children and now toddlers too.”

Mpilo Preschool (Mkhuhlu) has been introduced to the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre programme, Happy Homes and Ntshuxekani Preschools (Justicia) to the Madlala Digital Learning Centre, and Londolozi crèche to the Londolozi Digital Learning Centre.

Glory Malatjie, manager of Mpilo Preschool, said that for all of her children, this was their first time using tablet computers. “The repetition of the apps is great for basic development like counting,” said Malatjie, “and the children are exposed to a lot more English.”

Extension of Open Learning into rural preschools in Mpumalanga is being funded by Johannesburg-based philanthropy group, Charities Unlimited. GWF would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Sandy Hird and the Charities Unlimited trustees for standing behind the GWF vision to challenge education: the how, the what and the “who has access”.


Digital Facilitator, Glenrose Mashigo, with learners from Mpilo Primary School. Hazyview Open Learning Academy, Mpumalanga, South Africa.


A young preschooler practices touchscreen control.


Glory Malatjie is the manager of Mpilo Preschool. She is pictured here under the Digital Tree of Knowledge at Hazyview Open Learning Academy.


First time on an iPad. First time colouring in with my finger. Photo by Linky Nkuna at Ntshuxekani Preschool.