Is there paint on my fingers?

Right next to the Londolozi Digital Learning Centre is the Londolozi preschool. It’s a favourite “hang-out” for Londolozi guests on a “village tour” – to say these kids are cute is an understatement (you’ll see what we mean when you look at the gallery of photos below).

As part of the vision to deliver high-impact “digital-era” literacy education to rural communities, GWF has recently begun digital literacy education at the preschool.

“Yes that means excitable four-year olds let loose on iPads,” says Kate, “but the earlier we can get individuals comfortable in a digital space, the better. To be able to ‘drive’ a computer or a tablet opens up opportunities for learning regardless of age. And why shouldn’t these kids have that opportunity? Why shouldn’t they be prepped and ready to connect with the world?”

Even though the children are young, they are encouraged to take their computer lessons seriously.

Diane Myburgh – coordinator of Goodwork Foundation’s preschool programme – says that “it’s amazing to watch children who are normally all over the place sit still and concentrate, really focusing on what they are doing. We have had three lessons so far and the children are catching on so quickly.”

So far the iPad lessons have included drawing on the chalkboard app (a firm favourite – although the kids keep checking to see if they have paint on their fingers), playing musical instruments, sand art and a variety of digital puzzles.

Can you imagine? Three- and four-year old kids in rural Africa “composing” music and painting on digital screens?

High impact learning experiences that are presented as they would be in the world’s most technologically advanced classrooms – that’s what we’re all about!