Is This Madiba’s Legacy?

Forgive me for so many questions,

I’m just looking for answers,

Just wondering why?

Why should people kill for a living?

When life is the only living we have,

Why should people commit suicide?

When one could kill to spare their life,


Why should I lie, when the truth will set me free?

Why continue lie , continue kill,

Why continue when it backfires , when it destroys?

Why sell people when there’s a lot to be sold,


Why human trafficking,

Why not your own,

Why not sell your own body

Your own soul,

Why not sell your own body organs?

Why not turn yourself a mule?

If it’s wrong why do you not stop?

Why do corruption when you want the right things?

Why give up your child, when one could give up everything just to have one?

Why give up, when success relies on your trial-error?


Ask yourself this: Is this Madiba’s legacy?

Written by Selby.B Mokoena