Join the Movement: Support Our “Open Learning for Africa” Crowdfunding Campaign

The Open Learning Movement

We are calling friends of Good Work Foundation (GWF) to join the Open Learning movement as we work towards a goal of getting 10,000 rural schoolchildren from our surrounding areas digitally literate.

Why $25 is All It Takes

The cost of supporting a rural student through the Open Learning Academy is just $25 per year. That’s less than 50 cents per week.

For that you buy a student, like nine-year-old Karabo in the video below, access to a high-tech hub of learning: one that uses technology (think: latest education apps, gamification, and interactive learning) to make huge improvements in English and math.

The Result

The first school to join the Open Learning movement has seen a 28% year-on-year improvement in their English result and a 37% improvement in their math result. They are now the top performing school in the district.

A Message from GWF Chairman, Dave Varty

“I have worked in rural areas all my life,” says GWF Chairman, Dave Varty, “and it’s time to accept that we cannot build a computer lab in every school or up-skill teachers quickly enough. This model obviates the need to do either of those two things and instantly provides remote communities with access to world-class education for a relatively small capital investment. We’re talking $25 per learner per year. For a 30 percent improvement in English and mathematics, that’s exceptional delivery of value. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s time to grow this movement.”

How You Can Contribute

What are you waiting for? We’re ready to push the Open Learning movement forward, bringing the future to rural Africa, and we need global support. Using a secure online crowdfunding platform, in less than a minute, you can sponsor one, 10, 40 or 100 students, and there is an option to sponsor an entire school.

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