Kate Groch to speak at TEDGlobal

I am really excited (and nervous) to announce that I have been invited to speak at the TEDInstitute session at the annual TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of this year’s “Think Again” line-up of speakers.

For those who don’t know, TED is a nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth spreading.” Many of the talks (usually delivered in under 18 minutes) at TED events are filmed and made available for everyone to view. Some of the most inspiring videos that I have ever watched can be viewed at www.ted.com.

So what will I be speaking about? The title of my talk is “From Chance to Choice” and – although it is about my mission to bring world-class education to rural African communities – I have tried to include a little bit more of the “story” that inspired this mission.

I can’t give away too much before the event, but I will be sharing the video as well as snippets of my speech in future blog posts.

Needless to say that this weekend was spent in front of the mirror, in front of my daughter Maya, and in front of many other friends, family and colleagues, practicing my speech.

Pause here. Breathe there. Add emphasis to these words. Remember to look up. Imagine the audience naked.

Yes I am nervous, but you cannot believe how excited I am to share with a global audience how we are leading a digitally [em]powered education model for rural Africa.

If we “Think Again” (and again and again) more people will realise that now is the right time to lead a new education model for Africa. And the digital revolution can help us do that.

I will be leaving on Friday 7th June and the conference begins on Monday 10th. I will keep everyone up-to-date.

Best regards,


P.S. Here a little more information on this year’s theme:

We are in the midst of a global remix. Disciplines merge and cross-pollinate. Technology intrudes into biology and society. Power and authority are redistributed. Boundaries shift — or disappear. Hopes and anxieties collide. A new world is emerging at the intersection of once-separated realities, and everything we think we know might just be wrong. TEDGlobal 2013 will bring together those who challenge us to pause for an instant and Think Again.