Leading a Digital Literacy class from the Karoo: Meet Jonita Rakotsoana.

Jonita Rakotsoana, known as ‘Loko’ to her friends, was born and raised in Philippolis, Free State, the smallest town I have ever been to. All her life she has been daring her dreams in the edges of this town that is surrounded by a full circle of beautiful mountains. She started her schooling at Philippolis Primary School and matriculated at Philippolis High School in 2007.

Jonita had her first job in 2008 as a babysitter for Good Work Foundation (GWF) CEO Kate Groch’s daughter Maya. “I had no idea that Kate would be my boss for years to come,” said Jonina letting out a little laugh. In 2011 she was given a chance to study and she chose to add her name to the ‘women in tech’ list through studying towards an International Computer Driving License (ICDL) qualification.

“I took the opportunity when it was presented to me because I wanted a qualification that would help me in the future. I am very grateful to Kate for bringing the digital campus to our little Karoo town,” said Jonita.

When the Philippolis campus was opened, Jonita was promoted to Head of ICDL for the campus because she was the only one who had an ICDL qualification. To date, Jonita has trained 18 young Philippolis women and men in ICDL.

Talking to Jonita, I picked up a lot about her; a very graceful but wild dreamer. She is very passionate about her job and she also feels that she is leaving her mark when helping the young people of her community reach out for their dreams.

“I feel as important as teachers in schools do, because young people are able to live up to their dreams and that is the reason I wake up in the morning; knowing that I am changing lives”, said Jonita.

Jonita tells me a little bit about her five year old daughter. Though she gets a little shy when she talks about her, I can see that she is a proud mother who is doing all she can to contribute to a well-lit future for her little champion.

Jonita plans to continue helping young people building a digitally literate community and building her mother a beautiful big house. Jonita is a shy person but when she talks about her ambitions, she turns into a different person, almost the opposite of her personality.

Jonita is currently doing her ICDL advanced Excel module and during my time in the campus, the whole time I have seen her head down, reading that manual as if her exam was just minutes away.

Good Work Foundation wishes you well with your future plans Jonita, and will continue to celebrate each of your achievements with you.


Jonita is currently doing her ICDL advanced Excel module and during my time in the campus, the whole time I have seen her head down, reading that manual like her exam was just minutes away.


Jonita facilitating Bridging Academy student, Calvin Kok during an ICDL class at Philippolis Campus.


Jonita Rakotsoana (second top left) with the education revolutionists from both Hazyview and Philippolis campuses as they pose for a snap in front Philippolis Digital Learning Campus.

Written By Hazyview Media Intern: Mfumo Thobela