Lulani Vermeulen Head of Philippolis Digital Learning Campus

“My first degree didn’t work out” says Lulani, “so after a year, I came back to the farm. That was 2005. I met Kate, who was involved in various community projects in Philippolis, and I got involved. I was part of the ‘famous’ team that built a preschool with a building manual. I have never followed the conventional path, so many people were surprised when – in 2006 – I decided to study theology at Stellenbosch. That was six years of studying and I loved every minute.”

After returning to Philippolis full-time in 2012, Kate immediately asked Lulani to rejoin the GWF team. “Not only did we have a builder, but now we had a counsellor, a philosopher and a psychologist too” says Kate Groch, CEO Good Work Foundation. “Lulani left for Stellenbosch a young woman with huge potential, and came back with a steadiness, maturity and outlook on life that are beyond her years.”

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