M-Net Cares donates R500,000

On Wednesday 17th July Koo Govender – on behalf of M-Net Cares – handed over a cheque for the amount of R500,000 to Good Work Foundation.


I know that PR releases are not supposed to have “Wow!” as their second sentence (especially not from the CEO of the receiving organisation) but here’s why we are so excited.

Every cent of this donation is going to go towards increasing access to our Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. That’s access for 150 rural schoolchildren who will – every week – spend time in our Open Learning Academy supplementing their normal school curriculum with specialised and focused digital literacy tuition.

The new learners will have access to the internet, to computers, to iPads. We will also provide extra English and maths literacy classes. As well as our local team of full-time teachers and facilitators, our international network of volunteers, mentors and retired teachers will be helping us to deliver world-class education. And to ensure that “access” is practical, we will also be providing transport every week, ensuring that kids from this community are able to get their digital fix. No excuses.

The majority of our new learners are made up of Grade Four learners from the local Tfolinhlanhla Primary School. The classes that we deliver them every week will be time-tabled into their weekly learning schedules.

This is organised.

It is endorsed by the school and we are especially pleased that many of the Tfolinhlanhla teachers are already enrolled in our computer literacy classes for adult learners.

To Koo Govender and M-Net Cares, I extend our heartfelt thanks. You won’t always be here to see it, but everyday children from Shabalala village will be one step closer to connecting to the world.

They may be small changes at first. Learning what an internet browser is for example, or taking online quizzes. Then, it’s Facebook and Twitter, blogs and online news. It’s learning to participate in online forums or responding to an email. But then one day, it’s “I know how to drive a computer” and – if I choose – I can enroll in an online course, diploma or degree. It’s “I can communicate in English in the digital space.” That’s big. That will change lives.

To find out more about M-Net Cares, click here. Otherwise please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on the progress of our new Grade Four learners.

Kind regards,

Kate Groch
CEO, Good Work Foundation