Madlala Digital Learning Centre

The Madlala Digital Learning Centre, in the village of Justicia, is just one of Good Work Foundation’s satellite centres already up and running. This centre provides “digital-era” literacy education and career training to both the learners of the local high school and the adults of the village.

A lesson at Madlala

An English literacy lesson led by Linky Nkuna at Madlala Digital Learning Centre

Digital and English literacy classes form the basis of the curriculum with environmental, creativity and leadership modules also being taught. Many visitors to the nearby Sabi Sand Game Reserve have volunteered at Madlala Digital Learning Centre (MDLC), assisting adult and school-aged learners with English and digital literacy.

“In the last year, we have encouraged what we call a ‘cultural awakening’ among the young people of Justicia” says Linky Nkuna of the Madlala Digital Learning Centre. “From empowerment programmes for girls, to sex-education, drama and public speaking, we believe that young people must have a creative outlet to be the best versions of themselves. Yes we offer digital literacy first and foremost, but we are also here to help young people express themselves, physically and emotionally.”

The Madlala Digital Learning Centre is run by trained young people from the community and is sustainable and viable as a business. Linky Nkuna – a previous Madlala High School graduate – is the Centre Coordinator. MDLC is a model of how “edu-tech” can be achieved in rural Africa, no matter how rural.

Busi dancing with the Madlala girls

V-Girls and 1 Billion Rising at Madlala Digital Learning Centre


A visitor to Londolozi volunteers at Madlala Digital Learning Centre

Every six months, a class of adults complete the International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL) qualification. The results have been excellent making the Madlala ICDL centre one of the top performers in the country.

Kate and Vusi at Madlala High School

Kate and Vusi at Madlala Digital Learning Centre