Meet Maria Awogu: Good Work Foundation’s Newly Appointed Head of Programmes

We are thrilled to announce that we have appointed Maria Awogu as our Head of Programmes and Campus Operations.

Maria is a senior programme, operations and fiscal manager with extensive experience in developing and implementing organisational strategies, processes, systems and controls with specific expertise in change management and oversight of programmes. Maria also has a proven track record of accomplishments in national and international development implementing donor-funded projects majorly in education (training) and public health.

Which is all very clever, but we wanted you to meet the real Maria (favourite sports teams and all).

So here we go! By the way, you can follow Maria on Twitter here and if you have any more questions for her you can leave them in the comments section below.


Maria-Goretti Awogu

Give me three words that best describe you:

Fun, passionate and large-hearted.



Favourite colour:

Black and Red.

Favourite sports team:

Orlando Pirates and Arsenal.

What is your Motto?

“Can’t touch this.”

What life event had the biggest impact on you?

My marriage. I was not sold on the idea of marriage right up until I got married. I had misconceptions about marriage and had decided that it was not for me, but I got married to my best friend and that completely changed me.

Who is your hero?

My late mother. She taught me about courage, tenacity, resilience and she had the most amazing attitude towards life. My mom passed on in 2004 but her presence is felt and seen in many of mine and my sibling’s habits today. We most often ask ourselves “what would mom say” before we do something.

Why did you choose to work with Good Work Foundation?

I felt it was about time I give back for all the blessings I have been given throughout the years. I wanted to find myself working with a team that felt passionate about women and women empowerment, a team that was working towards making a difference in the community, and I am talking about real difference.

In the short time that you have been with us, what excites you the most?

In all of the organisations I have worked for, and there are a lot, this is one of the organisations that welcomed me in the warmest environment that made me feel right at home. The atmosphere is amazing and the people have amazing stories that inspire me to want to contribute even more to this pioneering education revolution.

What do you think makes Good Work Foundation unique?

The energy that flows in this place is amazing and the mission that we are on is one of a kind. We are reimagining education in a way nobody has. The family spirit is also special.

Have you always believed in yourself?

As a young person, I was fortunate to have wise parents who taught me about hard work, ownership and their spiritual influence also impacted me so much that until today I don’t believe there is anything beyond my ability. As long as I want it, I will have it.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman?

Set a very high standard for yourself. Whatever you do, give it your very best, be it something you’re doing at home, at work or studying and always work as if there would be no tomorrow. Make hard work a norm and hard work will turn into your habit which will become your path to achieving something great always. Always do your best because you don’t know who is watching.

How will women have changed the world 100 years from now?

Women have already started the mission to become pioneers of change and innovators worldwide. 100 years from now, women will have changed the face of the world as we know it today. They will have become world leaders and united pioneers.

What should women do more of?

The only way you can achieve excellence is to have a very strong self-belief. Women should believe in their ability a little more than they do now. They should always strive to better themselves and promote independence.

What one thing that you do as a mother do you think is most valuable for your daughter?

I hope that in all of the things I have been doing, that I am raising a strong-willed, confident and independent girl who will grow into a phenomenal woman with great self-belief.

Do you think that the African continent can embrace women leadership, or will it forever be stuck in patriarchy?

There is some sort of magic that women are spreading to other women through education and empowerment, and that will later ensure that the African continent does not just embrace women leadership but instead beg for women to take leadership positions.

If you were the president of one of the African countries, what would you do to empower women?

I would make a huge budget for women education and empowerment.

Have you ticked “yes” on all your goals on your career bucket list?

Not yet, I am currently interested in research. I want to conduct a research project or some kind of case study that aims to find solutions to strategic challenges and in the end I want to be of benefit to both myself and the organisation I work for.

What is the most important thing you have learned about people in the last 12 months?

People can be great individually, but in achieving something much greater than ourselves, we need to work as a team. I have also learned that people will react to you the same way you have acted towards them.


GWF Head of Programmes, Maria- Goretti Awogu takes her first photo under the digital tree of knowledge as she joins the #EducationRevolution.


Since Maria started working with the Good Wok Foundation team in all the different campuses, she has been implementing ways to make changes that will improve productivity in the different departments. Maria has had a session with the Open Learning Academy Team to discuss changes and getting their inputs on what could work for the programme.


Maria has been meeting and getting to know the team, and starting to learn all 60+ staff member’s names off by heart.


Maria has a rich spiritual and traditional upbringing which she commends very highly of having impacted her as an empowered African woman she is today.


Maria is a busy woman who still manages to find a moment to have some fun interactions with the team.

Written by Hazyview Media Agency.