Meet the Open Learning Champion: Ms. Keletso Mashile

Meet Keletso Mashile, a grade four learner from Siyafundza Primary School. Keletso comes to Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) Open Learning Academy every Monday, together with her peers, for two hours of digital, English and math’s literacy.

Why do you come to GWF every Monday?

“I want to improve my English and math’s on the tablets and the computers.”

Note: Find out more about GWF’s Open Learning Academy by meeting our online avatar, Karabo.

What is your favourite English word?

“Think,” This word always challenges me to think before doing anything.”

Note: How wise for a nine-year-old student?! Sometimes we forget who’s the teacher and who’s the student.

Who is my favourite Open Learning Academy Facilitator?

Sibusiso Mnisi because he teaches me about animals and how to conserve them. That’s my definition of thinking about nature.

Note: Sibusiso is a Conservation Academy coordinator. While the focus is always on digital, English and math’s, we are introducing secondary education layers,

including conservation (as part of the bizhub Conservation Academy) and also health literacy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a doctor. My English and math’s are improving everyday so I think it will happen.


“I want to improve my English and math’s on the tablets and the computers.”


Written and photographed by Njabulo Mashele, GWF Open Learning Academy Facilitator