Month In Pictures #32

Good Work Foundation (GWF) had its first and now official annual Open Learning Academy awards ceremony at both Justicia and Hazyview Campuses; The Hazyview Campus celebrated five years of the education revolution, among many other things, that is what the GWF team has been up to this February. We are excited to share these inspiring moments that have been happening in our campuses through this month’s compilation of the ‘Month In Pictures’.


Eyes of Madlala High School Learners pinned on tablets as they explore the SMILE content. We look forward to reading authentic rural stories, from authentic rural writers.


GWF held its first ever official award ceremony for the Open Learning Academy at Hazyview and Justicia campus. We are very proud to celebrate the success of these young people and their hard work. This is the start to many more ceremonies.


This image captures the real moment of ‘wonder-filled’ learning. Preschool student of Poding explores digital education through educational apps and games at the Philippolis Digtal Learning Campus.


A proud mother stands next to her daughter with a big smile on her face during the Open Learning Academy award ceremony at Justicia Campus. This was a beautiful ceremony filled with joyful and proud parents and students.


It was a privilege for us to have Julia Geffers from the Realis & Chateaux,  who spent ten days teaching us  about holistic learning and caring for our spiritual and physical being through yoga. We would like to extend our gratitude to Julia for the amazing opportunity, she has left many young people inspired.


GWF CEO Kate Groch was fortunate to have a  memory shared with her on Facebook from four years ago. Four years ago these women held spades on their hands and dug up the foundation of the Hazyview Campus and later formed part of the more than 40 staff members that the Hazyview Campus has currently. A huge congratulations to these empowered and  inspirational  women GWF has had the honor to work with, your determination has brought change to many rural people.


The team of GWF women stand in front of the Hazyview Campus just before they leave for Johannesburg where they attended the Symphonia Women’s Conference. The Conference is attended by women from all over South Africa to share inspiring stories and experiences of women and mothers who are in leadership positions.

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The Philippolis Digital Learning Campus built a greenhouse where they will soon feed the Philippolis community in their soup kitchen that is coordinated by local women of Philippolis in partnership with GWF.


Errol Mogane is one of the proud Open Learning Academy students who was awarded with a certificates of excellence during the ward ceremony. Congratulations to you Errol and your mates for the amazing job and we applaud you for your hard work.

Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy.