More students connect to the world

Last week, 12 new 20-inch flat screen Mecer computers were setup in the barn at the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) thanks to a sponsorship from DG Murray Trust (DGMT).

As part of our vision, 12 computers go a long way. Here’s how we are going to make a difference with the new computers:

  1. Our Open Learning Academy students (school-aged learners) will use the computers to access multimedia educational games and programmes in the afternoons. Previously, most desktops at HDLC were reserved for career-training academy students, but now we’ll have kids connecting to the world every afternoon.
  2. In the mornings, the new computers will be used to increase the capacity of our hospitality career-training academy. HDLC is ideally situated for tourism in South Africa and this is an industry that is full of opportunities.
  3. Lastly, we now have a group of learners who have come through the core computer training programme and are ready for the International Computer Drivers License advanced course, which began in May. These advanced courses will be presented in the “barn” on our new computers.

Some history on a great South African initiative

DGMT is a South African foundation built on endowments from Douglas George Murray and his wife, Eleanor. Murray was the son of, and successor to John Murray, the founder of the Cape-based construction company, Murray and Stewart which was established in 1902. This company merged in 1967 with Roberts Construction to become Murray & Roberts, with the parent Trusts as the main shareholders. In 1979, the Trusts combined to form the DG Murray Trust, which over the years has diversified its investments. It currently distributes about R100 million per year.

DGMT made a decision in 1990 to make education the major focus of its activities.

In line with the vision and mission of Good Work Foundation, the ultimate goal of DGMT is to create an ethical and enabling environment where human needs and aspirations are met; and every person is given the proper opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, for both personal benefit and for that of the wider community.

As well as the sponsorship of our 12 new computers, DGMT has funded tables and chairs for our new computers; they will be enabling smart boards in some of HDLC’s other classrooms and they will also be sponsoring a number of our learners through various courses.

On behalf of our team at HDLC – as well as the many students who are immersed in high impact, world-class learning experiences – thank you DGMT for supporting us in our mission to lead a focused, achievable and digitally-[em]powered education model for rural Africa!

Kate Groch
CEO, Good Work Foundation