Witness Mnisi

Witness Mnisi, or “Witty” as he is more affectionately known, is the Good Work Foundation’s ambassador at Londolozi Game Reserve. You will find him teaching English and tourism in the Londolozi Digital Learning Centre or taking guests to experience GWF¬†projects in the local communities. Whether in rural communities or at the lodge, Witty is passionate about regaling guests with the stories and vision of the Good Work Foundation.

Witty has come a long way himself. He started at Londolozi in 1994 as a porter. We went on to become a waiter, a head waiter and a bartender before being promoted to relief camp manager and then a full-time camp manager. With this experience, commitment and love of the “guest experience” Witty is a perfect mentor and teacher. He strives to impart a culture of service, professionalism and warmth.

“A guest to a five-star destination is expecting world class levels of service. But how do you know what ‘world class’ is if you are illiterate, and you have never travelled to Johannesburg, let alone overseas? Our programmes empower people to reach higher standards. Via a digital curriculum, individuals are connected to the world outside of our wilderness reserve, and that in itself broadens perspectives! At the same time our learners are improving their literacy skills, ‘driving’ computers, and exploring the internet. Those are things that many rural people never thought that they would be able to do.

I have just completed my International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) with Good Work Foundation and I am one of many. Every month, more and more individuals approach us, all of them wanting to enrich their skills and make a difference to their own futures.”