Now I can see the future

At our recent graduation ceremony, International Computer Driving License (ICDL) student, Patricia Ndhlovu addressed a poem to the Good Work Foundation (GWF) team at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. Backed by the GWF choir, rather than being a “recital”, this was more a “performance”. Patricia has vowed to improve her English and – as part of her ICDL – she is enrolled in English literacy lessons.

By volunteering to take part in a graduation ceremony with over 100 attendees, Patricia challenged herself – her ability to speak clearly, to keep her nerves under control, to pronounce her words correctly and to connect to the audience. On every one of those fronts, Patricia pulled it off. Well done Ms. Ndhlovu – and thank you for being a proud GWF student.

Here are the words. Scroll down for the video (the poem comes in just after the MEC’s speech).

Now I can see the future

I wonder how I would be without you
I was nobody to buddies
But here I am shaping my future
For the children’s children

I was in the darkness, I couldn’t see the light
You came and brought light, hope and vision
With all your excellence, commitment and perseverance

Now I can see the future shining like sun in the morning
You lead me to the road of success
With your warm hearts and hands
You give the spirit at the moment in time

I say “keep up the good deeds” the Good Work Foundation
For the future generations
May the Lord grant your wishes to serve Africa