Open Learning Academy Explodes at Madlala

What do you do when you don’t have enough resources? You group learners together and encourage them to work in teams. These are the grade eight Madlala learners experiencing and exploring the digital world through tablet computing.

Mr. Khoza in an Open Learning Academy class led by Linky Nkuna.

Mr. Khoza in an Open Learning Academy class led by Linky Nkuna.


Digital group work at Madlala Open Learning Academy.

This is our first ever Open Learning Academy with the school learners at the High School. Madlala has two grade eight classes with over seventy learners in one class and over 80 learners in the other class but that doesn’t faze us.

The question is: are the learners ready?

The answer is yes. We are armed with 15 tablets loaded with the very latest educational apps. And while we are improvising with group work at the moment, those students who are keen can continue their learning at the Madlala Digital Learning Centre after school hours.


A stack of technology waiting to explode.


Winning group with a score of 6800!


Linky Nkuna – Project Coordinator at Madlala Digital Learning Centre – facilitating an Open Learning class.

Since writing this blog, our Good Work Foundation Open Learning Academy team extends digital math’s and English literacy to all of Madlala High School’s grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 learners.

We’re not standing still in Mpumalanga.

And by the looks of things, our colleagues aren’t standing still in the Free State either. To see what Milla is doing with tablets and “life orientation” in the dusty town of Philippolis, click here.