The moment we have all been waiting for is now just around the corner. It has been an exciting and at the same time agonizing wait for the #JusticiaCampus doors to finally open and give access to digital education to rural communities surrounding the Kruger National Parks. In just one day, the campus will be officially opened! here is a sneak preview of what the campus looks like at the moment as the Good Work Foundation team does the final touches in preparation of the launch on Friday 18 March 2016.


One of the behind the scenes GWF tech person Jos Lalieu has been setting up the computers that will be used for International Computer Driving License training.


Computers in the barn are ready for the rural Open Learning students to come and explore the world of digital and fun learning.


N computing modulators fully installed in all computers that will be used for digital education for both adult students and Open Learning students at Justicia Campus.


Two community members help Justicia Campus ICDL Facilitator Matthew Mboshii to set up the tent that will host guests on the day of the launch.


Photo frames, canvases, signage and noticeboards are put up inside the new campus.


The multitasking team is all hands in ensuring that all the computers are working well.


Right in the center of the Marula trees, sits the new Justicia Campus, with a dry garden along the pathway that leads to the entrance of the barn.


Community members who helped to build the Justicia campus sit under the Marula tree of knowledge.


It is the final count down to the launch that takes place in just a few hours, tables and chairs are ready to take their place inside the barn.


The first computers that were set up in one of the computer classes are now fully functional.


The creative work-space is ready to welcome all who want to explore the ‘wonderfilled’ learning inside the Justicia Campus barn.


Compiled by the Media Academy.