Phili High-Tech Campus is Changing Lives

Emmerentia van Wyk from Bergmanshoogte in Philippolis has to complete an assignment on HIV as part of her Life Orientation class.

She is a grade eight student who – previously – would have had to do all of her research using books.

Today, she simply gets home from school, has a quick snack, and then walks the short distance to the Philippolis Digital Learning Centre, where she uses the internet and a computer do all of her research.

Emmerentia van Wyk at Philippolis Digital Learning Centre.

Emmerentia van Wyk at Philippolis Digital Learning Centre.

We are very rural in Philippolis, surrounded by open fields and farmlands.

But in amongst it all, is this little high-tech campus.

A campus where Emmerentia and her friends can research homework topics using flat-screen computers, tablets and always-on internet.

Not just any topics, but topics that could change their lives.

In Bergmanshoogte, our digital campus is fast becoming one of the community’s most important places.


Milla van Wyk