Philippolis Digital Learning Centre

In 2003, in the rural Free State Town of Philippolis, Good Work Foundation (GWF) began work to support schools in the area. The focus was to work with this impoverished community to identify areas where GWF could make a difference.

In 2005 – in partnership with GWF – the entire community of Philippolis began work on building the first ever preschool for the Griqwa community in Bergmanshoogte.

From making our own bricks to fitting the window frames and the glass, this was a “make it happen with as little as possible” project and today the preschool is an important part of each Philippolis child’s life.

Since then GWF has built an adult learning centre where digital and English literacy programmes are run for adult and school learners. In addition, GWF continues to run basic literacy and life skills workshops as well as extra lessons for children of all age groups.

The Grade 8 learners of Bergmanshoogte Primary School are currently studying for their International Computer Drivers Licenses at the Philippolis Digital Learning Centre and we look forward to another successful graduation in an African rural community.