Photos of Creativity and Self-Expression

“Think, Breathe and Be Creativity.”

We mentioned in a recent blog post that thanks to the All Heart Fund, created last year in memory of Leanna Knopik, 20 students from Madlala Digital Learning Centre would be attending the Mpumalanga Schools Festival in Nelspruit, a project of the Grahamstown Foundation.

Yesterday was day one of the two-day festival and our 20 Good Work Foundation students have been expressing themselves through drama, movement, storytelling and art.

For many of our students, this was their first visit to Nelspruit, and their first exposure to a national arts “tour” that is based on creativity and self-discovery.

To our All Heart Fund partners, the Knopik family, the Klauber family, and all of the generous families who have contributed – and continue to contribute – to the All Heart Fund, thank you. For Good Work Foundation to be able to get behind young people from rural communities and send them on a two-day ‘adventure’ of workshops led by some of South Africa’s leading performers, dancers, drama teachers and professors, is incredible.

Education is about opening our minds, our hearts and our dreams and finding our inner voice and our ability to express ourselves. It is about creating a wonder-filled environment of learning. The photos below offer a window into some of these experiences.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

Tebogo, Tlagelani, Osborn, Kenny, Primrose, Linky and Glenrose “get down” in the Rhythm and Moves workshop, which looks at creating, crafting and interpreting movement sequences.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

Yip – that just about sums it up.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

Vinolia and Pleasure (right) look on as another group performs in the “Drama for Life” workshop.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

Collins created a butterfly mosaic in the “South African Craft and Mosaic” workshop.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

Ayanda and Malwandla working on their mosaics.

Mpumalanga Arts Festival

In a stage combat workshop, Thindeka (back) demonstrates the villainous neck-hold.


Pow! Bang! Thwack! Comic Book Theatre: a workshop that looks at characterisation and construction of physical worlds through mime and movement. Muxe is on the left and Ntsako is on the right. Both are Grade 11 students at Madlala.