Pink Threads & Family

Today I would like to talk about family.

As you know, the story of Maya and I (and of course my mother, “Gogo Mo”) becoming family is not the conventional one. It is not easy navigating the story of adoption as a parent and so I looked for inspiration and guidance and unearthed the most wonderful story that spoke to us all as a family.


Maya Groch

The story is called The Red Thread and, based on a Chinese proverb, it talks of people who are destined to be together. These people are connected by a red thread that travels from one heart to another.

As humans we have the option to follow the red thread until we find the people who are meant to be in our lives.

Finding family the unconventional way has not been easy, but neither has the process of leading a non-profit organisation in rural Africa. During a particularly challenging month this year, I pulled The Red Thread off the shelf and was once again inspired.

At the heart of it, a movement is about an invisible thread that connects us all. I close my eyes and I can clearly see a pink Good Work Foundation thread weaving over mountains and through valleys, resulting in a tribe of people around the world connected by a shared mission, love and desire for meaningful change.

Thank you for your part in this wonderful and wonder-filled web of pink threads. Inspired by these connections, we are just so happy and thankful to share this year’s Christmas video.

On behalf of the pink Good Work Foundation team, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and a wonderful New Year.


Kate Groch


With special thanks to for permission to use their amazing music in this year’s video.