Thank you Rhino Africa!

At Good Work Foundation (GWF), when we talk about “our rhinos” we are referring to a group of people who make up the team at Rhino Africa, Africa’s leading online Tour operator.

Kate Groch, GWF CEO, refers to the “early, early” days (“when Boyd and I built a preschool in Philippolis with a building manual”) and then she refers to the “early” days, when individuals like David Ryan – CEO of Rhino Africa – and his quirky, out-of-the-box young team, got behind GWF’s mission to digitally empower rural people, and helped wherever they could.

To say a big, big thank you, a GWF “delegation” dropped into the Rhino Africa offices this week, with 80 chocolate ganache cupcakes from Cape Town’s famous Charly’s Bakery.


A handful of the Rhino team, with a handful of cupcakes!
From left to right: Naude Heunis, Angela Mills, Charmaine Bell, Samantha Myburgh, Monique Vally, Unathi Guma and Luke Kruyer.


Rhino Africa

Piped in “hot pink” (naturally) we couldn’t wait to share these cupcakes from the famous Charly’s Bakery with our friends at Rhino Africa.



Unathi from Rhino Africa had a feeling she should wear “pink” on Monday.

“The Rhino Africa team are pioneers in their own, online travel space… but they’ve also been pioneers in GWF’s space” said Kate Groch. “Whenever we have been ready to step it up, Rhino Africa has been one of the first organisations to say ‘we are right behind you.’ Without that kind of support we would not be where we are today.”

Every year, money raised at Rhino Africa’s “Challenge4aCause” is set aside to support GWF’s rural digital literacy projects. The Rhino Africa team produced our short, animated video and – as a GWF Trustee – David Ryan’s strategic advice has been creative, insightful and always on the mark.


Our very own animated video, thanks to Ryan Rapaport at Rhino Africa.

Lastly, it was behind the scenes at Rhino Africa that the GWF website was crafted early in 2013. It is thanks to individuals like Terrence Ryan, Ross Bowers and Ryan Rapaport that we are able to share our stories with all of our readers every week.


GWF CEO, Kate Groch, with Maya Groch and David Ryan.

To David and the team – our “destination” is world-class education for every young person in South Africa who wants it, and you have been powering that dream for over four years.

For believing in us, we cannot thank you enough.