Rural, yes. But out there!

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.” –Maya Angelou

At Madlala, there is something in the air.

Our regular readers will know that as well as the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) programmes that Good Work Foundation facilitates at Madlala Digital Learning Centre, we have been encouraging what I would call a “cultural awakening.”

V-Girls, workshops on sex education, fierce debates on teenage pregnancy, and our recent Shine Talent and Arts Day. Each and every initiative draws more attention and more involvement from the learners. More openness, acceptance, tolerance and maturity. And, more thought about the future.

And so I was genuinely excited that Good Work Foundation agreed to sponsor ten Madlala High School Grade 11 students so that they could attend the Mpumalanga Arts Festival – a Grahamstown Foundation project that is sponsored by Sasol.

The structure of the festival allowed for each attendee to choose three 1.5 hour workshops from a choice of ten. In-between workshops, local South African film, theatre and dance was showcased, including Ilizwi, presented by Casterbridge Music Development Academy and iHamlet, directed and designed by Jade Bowers.

One of our Madlala “creatives”, Anton Mathebula, describes three of the workshops that he attended:

“In Live Bodies and an empty stage we were taught to bring a drama alive without props, music and elaborate lighting. One of my favourites was Keep your body moving, a workshop that encouraged us to attach meaning to movement. Lastly – and on a more serious note – I attended Drama for life; the drama was about teen sex, sexuality and safe sex practice.”

One of the “in-between” sessions included a discussion on South African universities, degrees, scholarships and advice on how to apply. I am beyond thrilled that our learners are discussing university, their futures, their degrees and their careers.

Guys, we might be rural, but we’re out there. We might have to fight a little harder, push a little further, drive a little longer, but for those who really want it, let’s break down those barriers.

On the way, let’s have fun!

Yes, there is something in the air at Madlala. And we are so proud.

Warm (and excited) regards,

Linky Nkuna

Some quotes from our workshop attendees:

“The movies and drama I’ve watched had inspired me and taught me the best life lessons and that is ‘to keep the ball rolling towards greatness in my life’.I am now keeping the kettle boiling. I am learning and acquiring education as it is the key to the best destination of my life.” – Holani Mhlongo

“Good Work Foundation,
Who am I?
Where will I be?
What must I do?
What have I done to deserve this?
I don’t know how I can thank you.” – Anton Mathebula

“The three workshops I attended left me very happy because they were very enjoyable.  I attended “Fists of Foolery, South African Craft and Storytelling and Drama for Life. I really enjoyed all of them and I feel lucky to have attended the festival. I hope to attend the next one.” – Sidney Sibuyi