School Principal Says “Tremendous Improvement”

80 grade four learners from Siyafundza Primary School joined the Open Learning Academy at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre in July 2014. As we near the end of the academic year, we were delighted to receive the letter below from Mr. Maphosa, the school’s principal.

Mr. Maphosa, as much as you are thanking us, we would like to thank you for believing in what we do, and working with us to create world-class students.

“To: Good Work Foundation

From: The Principal, Siyafundza Primary School

We, the management, staff, school governing body, and Grade 4 learners of Siyafundza Primary School wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the support that school receives from Good Work Foundation.

We especially appreciate the intensive teaching that our learners receive in English and Mathematics. The group of 80 that attends every Monday has shown tremendous improvement since the time they joined the programme.

Also, the monetary contribution that Good Work Foundation makes towards the transporatation of our learners is really appreciated, as it enables our learners to attend every day that are expected to. It also lightens the burden on their parents since most of them are unemployed.

Once again, thank you very much.


AH Maphosa (Principal)”


English, math’s, and digital integrated learning: To get the right answer, this young learner from Siyafundza Primary has to read the riddle, type on the keyboard, use the on-screen calculator, and control the mouse. For notes our learner has a digital boogie board (just underneath the keyboard).