School Time

School Time

Flock of birds singing in the forest
Waves sparkling in the river
Leaves quivering in the forest trees
The lecture lectures the lecture
The clock keeps on ticking
However I am easily yearning for this lesson to be done
When school time is over; I’ll be older
My student days will be over
Life is like a question without an answer
Life is the best friend- enemy
Laughter is its presence
Learning is a lit candle
Planet Earth is the wisdom
Nature is education

Holani Mhlongo is a Grade 12 student at Madlala High School. She is involved in V-Girls, and, last year, was one of ten students selected to attend the Mpumalanga Arts Festival. When Holani isn’t studying, she’s involved with various youth and community programmes. She is actively involved in all activities organised at the Madlala Digital Learning Centre.

Holani Mhlongo reciting a poem

Holani Mhlongo reciting a poem at Shine Talent & Arts Day in 2013