Science is everything and everything is science

Good Work Foundation recently sponsored ten Madlala High School Grade 11 students so that they could attend the Mpumalanga Arts Festival – a Grahamstown Foundation project that is sponsored by Sasol.

The structure of the festival allowed for each attendee to choose three 1.5 hour workshops from a choice of ten. In-between workshops, local South African film, theatre and dance was showcased, including Ilizwi, presented by Casterbridge Music Development Academy and iHamlet, directed and designed by Jade Bowers.

Below is feedback from one of our Madlala learners, Linky Mathebula. Just as a side note: I am truly blown away by the fact that Linky learnt more about physical science than art. Goes to show science is everything and everything is science.


Linky Nkuna
ICDL Coordinator, Madlala Digital Learning Centre

“It was really a fantastic festival. I have learnt a lot from the workshops. I attended three workshops:

  1. Fist of Foolery – Now I know that when actors fight, they are really playing with our eyes.
  2. Mumbo Jumbo – really opened my mind and I was jumping up and down. We also learnt to communicate with each other. I also learnt how to create a story. I am now creative because of it.
  3. The Light Fantastic – was very interesting and I have learnt a lot about light. That light is extremely important, we use it to see and that it is a wave or particle. Everything is made up of colour and that an atom doesn’t have colour. Also that objects don’t have colour, that light is made up of different colours and that black is the absence of colour. An object absorbs or take colours and sends some away and reflects. White sends away colours and black absorbs all of them. When an object is red, it is because it absorbs all colours and only sends away red. Now I know how to make a Spectroscope using a DVD or disc and cardboard. I can now define the world around me because a Spectroscope is an instrument used to measure properties of light and can be used to identify the composition and concentration of a material.


  1. The Truth About You – This play or act taught me that I must think before I act. That I must stop to think and that life is about dreams. It was very interesting because we were taught about real situations.
  2. Otelo Burning – It was an interesting movie where I have learnt that I have to take responsibility for what I do. Be myself because everyone else is taken. To never do things to please others but do it to please myself. To be in love with my dreams and to choose a friend who is good for me.

I now know all these things because of the love of The Good Work Foundation.

Thank You

Linky Mathebula”