Shine Talent and Arts Day

On Friday 4th October, Good Work Foundation and Madlala Digital Learning Centre organised the inaugural Shine Talent and Arts Day at Madlala High School in Justicia.

The purpose of the afternoon was to offer learners the “stage” to showcase their talents, from singing and dancing, to drama and poetry reading.

“School isn’t just about maths and science” says Kate Groch, CEO of Good Work Foundation, “It’s about finding out who you are and learning to express yourself. These kids are natural performers, but with limited resources and time in rural areas, there is not always a platform to showcase talent.”

From up on the stage, Madlala’s talented children and teenagers connected with a full audience on issues that affect young people in the rural space, from teenage pregnancy and HIV, to the journey of finding yourself as an individual and growing into adulthood.

Grade 11 student, Sydney Sibuyi, could not contain his excitement. “Madlala High School is moving forward” he said. “Our school has a vision to become the top achieving school in Mpumalanga, and events like Shine are helping us to deliver activities that other schools are not investing in.”

Shine ties in with Good Work Foundation’s mission to focus on “emotional literacy” as well as digital and English literacy. The foundation runs three digital learning centres in Mpumalanga, where adults and children can enroll in digital literacy and career-courses designed to equip them with the skills needed to enter a highly competitive 21st century job market.

Apart from the Madlala Digital Learning Centre, where the International Computer Driving License is offered to adult learners and high school students, Good Work Foundation invests in the V-Girls programme at Madlala, as well as the TADA programme (Teenagers Against Drug Abuse).

Linky Nkuna, our Course Facilitator at Madlala Digital Learning Centre, has been a stalwart on the ground at Madlala” says Kate. “She recently organised for a group of the high school learners to take part in the Mpumalanga Arts Festival in Nelspruit, and it is through her hard work that Shine was made possible. There is a movement towards excellence happening at Madlala, and the staff and teachers there, as well as the students, deserve to be celebrated. As a team we are coming together to open up opportunities that never existed before. We are looking forward to Shine 2014!”