Sibusiso Mnisi Wins Silver at Eco-Logic Awards

Good Work Foundation (GWF) is proud to announce that on 5 June 2018, Sibusiso Mnisi, Conservation Academy Coordinator, took the Silver Award in the Eco-Youth Award category of the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2018.

The Eco-Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute to sustainability in South Africa. Enviropaedia established the Annual Eco-Logic Awards in 2011, which has grown into South Africa’s most “glamorously green” eco-calendar event, receiving extensive media coverage. Each year, Enviropaedia invite the public to nominate their Eco-Champions, highlighting how they’ve contributed to an ‘Eco-Logically’ sustainable society and environment, with over 13 environmental categories to enter.

The Eco-Youth Award is presented to a young adult who has shown how their actions have protected, preserved or improved the Earth’s ecosystems and natural resources. Sibusiso was recognised for his achievements and success in working with the Conservation Academy and the positive impact it has had on the local community.

The Conservation team trying desperately to track a leopard that they kept missing within minutes. As they arrived, it had just left.

The Conservation team trying desperately to track a leopard that they kept missing within minutes. As they arrived, it had just left.

Given GWFs proximity to the Kruger National Park and surrounds, GWF crafted this programme with the intention of sparking passion among rural scholars and youth. GWF stands to foster a sense of understanding and appreciation for the conservation of South Africa’s natural heritage, connecting young people to our exciting and dynamic economy of wildlife. The Conservation Academy creates “Earth ambassadors” who are not only proficient in digital literacy, but well-rounded individuals who are fully aware of the needs of their community and ready to commit their talents to the conservation of the planet.

“In 2017, our programmes reached more than 1800 rural learners some with digital iBooks and some who physically went into the Kruger and experienced intensive rhino protection zones,” said Mnisi. “Many of these young people can stand on top of their houses and see into the Kruger, and yet they have never been in themselves. How do we expect them to become future eco warriors unless they see the beauty and value of our natural spaces?”

GWF is extremely proud of Sibusiso for this achievement and thankful for the partners who have believed in the Conservation Academy, and Sibusiso, since its inception in 2014. In particular, Londolozi, Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA), Investec and Rhino Africa have all helped GWF to create exciting conservation-focused programmes for Mpumalanga’s scholars and youth.