Student of the week: Sizakele Gwebu

“Our Maths teacher left just before we finished 11th grade. The school never found a replacement, and so in our final year of high school we had to teach ourselves. It was self-study straight from the textbook.”

That’s how Sizakele’s story begins. She is 21 years old, her mother is a domestic worker, her father passed away when she was ten.

After finishing high school Sizakele was encouraged by her mother to move to Hazyview. Her mother had heard about Hazyview Digital Learning Centre, spoken to some of her friends who lived in the area and arranged for her daughter to move to Hazyview to enroll in the International Computer Driving License course (ICDL).

Sizakele now has her ICDL Core (88%), her ICDL Advanced (84%) and is currently studying for her A+, a six-month course that focuses on hardware, networking and operating systems.

“Originally my dream was to become a doctor” says Sizakele, “but the past year has opened up a new world to me. I’m really enjoying computer studies and can definitely picture myself becoming a specialist IT person.”

We asked Sizakele what she thinks about the state of education in South Africa today. Her answer was beyond her years: “Education is here, and it’s adequate, but we can’t point a finger at government. It is us, the students, who are not taking it seriously. We are playing, we are bringing our cell phones into class. And then suddenly we wake up midway through our final years and we are nowhere. We must realise that our actions in high school might open one door, which will open another door and then another.”

Sizakele – it is a pleasure having you at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. You are a model student and an inspiration to young people. By your own admission you like to talk a lot (we love you for it), but you also know when to put your head down and study. We want you to go far and look forward to seeing you further your studies here at HDLC. We believe in you!