Student of the Week: Leonard Musima

Mr. Leonard Musima is a Science teacher at Madlala High School in Justicia. He’s also a student.  He recently completed his Honors degree in Education, and now, he has applied for his Master’s in Education.

Even better, if you had wandered into the Madlala Digital Learning Centre last year, you would have seen Mr. Musima, in his suit and tie, among many of his own students, learning how to drive a computer.

“You are always a student, never forget that” says Mr. Musima, “and it was a privilege to see my students acting as teachers, helping me when I needed help. Isn’t that what teaching is about?”

Madlala Digital Learning Centre

Madlala Digital Learning Centre

Mr. Musima completed his International Computers Driving License (ICDL) in six months. He never scored less than 80 percent, and for the internet module, he scored a perfect 100 percent.

“For me, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond Word and Excel. I wanted to learn more about the internet and I was particularly interested in Powerpoint. This kind of course is so important. It opened my eyes. Yes I could fiddle around with a computer before the course, but now I know what I am doing.

I dream that in 20 years I will be able to teach my students using tablet computers. Imagine, instead of a slide or a textbook, I could teach my Biology students about the structure of a virus using video and 3D diagrams. If that day comes, I had better know more than just Word.”


Mr. Leonard Musima at Madlala High School

Well done Mr. Musima. We hope to see you in the ICDL Advanced class soon.