Student of the Week: Neriya Dladla

92%. That’s the score that Absa-sponsored student Neriya Dladla achieved on her first International Computer Driving License (ICDL) test at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) last week.

The score secured Neriya’s place as joint top achiever for this module: Microsoft Word.

Amazingly, Neriya had not used a desktop computer before six weeks ago when she first enrolled in this class through Good Work Foundation’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Academy.

“Neriya is a hardworking student who commits herself 100%” says Gay Sibuyi, the ICDL Coordinator at HDLC. “Sometimes I am hard on the students – but it’s because I want what is best for them. They have an opportunity that their parents didn’t have, and I want them to capitalise on that.”

At high school – Neriya had the opportunity to take computer science as a subject. However, most students, and especially girls were not encouraged.

“Computer science was seen as a very difficult subject” says Neriya, “we didn’t want to take the subject because we did not know computers and we were afraid to fail. So I took agriculture instead.

I’m no longer afraid to fail. I want to be a business woman and – if I fall on the way – I will get up and carry on. I will practice my English, I will focus on becoming good at computers. There are not many job opportunities in Hazyview, but I will make myself employable.”

Neriya – your achievement of 92% on your first ever computer literacy test is outstanding. You are absolutely right: success only comes after “setbacks”. We cannot move forward without falling, and learning from those falls.

Good luck with the next module.